Alderson Tractor

10321-DD Head Gasket
10367-D Magneto Bracket Gasket
10378-D Intake & Exhaust Manifold Gasket
10415-D Crankcase Front Cover Gasket
10416-D Crankcase Front Plate Gasket
10417-D Oil Pan Gasket
10418-D Water Manifold Gasket
10496-D Main Bearing Cover Plate Gasket
10690-D Radiator Outlet Elbow Gasket
12235-D Water Inlet Elbow Gasket
12727-D Oil Filler Gasket (Governor)
12728-DA Governor Shield Gasket
12734-D Crankshaft Front Felt
12748-D Crankshaft Rear Felt
14050-D Exhaust Elbow Gasket
1526-D F-20 Steering Wheel Iron
1526-D F-20 Steering Wheel Iron
15950-D Oil Pump Gasket
16740-D Crankcase Rear Gasket
18605-D Exhaust Pipe to Manifold Gasket
21250-D Gasket Between Intake & Exhaust Manifolds
23027-D Governor Rod Cover Gasket
29760-D Valve Cover Gasket
7102-T Side Hand Hold Cover Gasket

Gasket Sets
7362-DAX Engine Gasket Set View Details
F-20 LES F-20 & Reg Lower Engine Set View Details
F-20 VGS F-20 & Reg Valve Grind Set View Details

Engine Parts
10300-D Rod
10302-D Connecting Rod/Piston Pin Bushing
10303-DBX Rod Bearing 2 Halves (Used)
10314-D Cylinder Head & Water Outlet Manifold Stud (Short)
10318-D Flywheel Key
10319-D Starting Crank Pin 1/2 X 2 1/2
10324-D Exhaust & Intake Manifold Stud
10325-D Valve Lever Bushing
10326-DA Valve Lever Pin
10333-D Valve Springs
10335-D Oil Pump Drive Pinion
10336-D Oil Pump Drive Impeller Gear
10344-D Oil Pump Impeller Gear Driven
10349-DA Crankshaft Main Bearing- Front
10369-D Cylinder Sleeve O Ring (Individual) View Details
10408-D Cylinder Head Stud Long 7 1/16
10949-DX Valve Lever (Rocker w/ Bushings Front)
10950-DX Valve Lever (Rocker w/ Bushings Rear)
12750-D Front Seal Washer
1453-D Speed Change Lever
14865-D Manifold Stud Short
15179-D Starting Crank w/Grip Used
15204-D Starting Crank Pin 3/8 X 1 9/16
15274-D Starting Crank Spring
1576-D Muffler/Spark Arrestor - Regular
16058-D Valve Spring Lock Set
18534-D Valves, Intake and Exhaust
18793-DA Valve Spring ( T-20 ONLY)
1994-TA Crankcase Oil Drain Valve (Large)
19962-D Exhaust Manifold Nut
1998-TA Crankcase Oil Drain Valve (Small)
2595-D Exhaust Outlet Elbow
2598-D Exhaust Pipe
29863-D Cylinder Head Stud Short 6 3/8"
400-DAX Piston w/ Piston Pin and Set Screw (Used)
40142-D Vertical Muffler (F-20/30)
401-DAX Cylinder Rings (Set for 4 Pistons)
4042-D Oil Trough Felt Set
4080-D Hand Hole Cover
421-DX Cylinder Sleeve (Used)
4259-DA Crankshaft Rear Roller Bearing
53069-D Engine Valve (T-20 ONLY)
7196-TA Cylinder Head & Outlet Manifold Stud (9 3/16")
7973-T Valve Guide
G-2436 Manifold Stud Intake & Exhaust

G-8058 Manifold Stud Long Manifold to Cylinder Head
R0306 F-20 Manifold - Gas

Air Cleaner Assembly
11196-D Air Cleaner Cover
15435-D Hose 1 3/4 x 2 1/2
16479-DB Air Cleaner Body Gasket
17190-D Reinforcing Plate
M-11948 Air Intake Screen

Oil Filter Assembly
13148-DAX Oil Filter Assembly
13727-D Oil Filter Retaining Nut Gasket
13728-D Oil Filter Cover Gasket
16924-H Low Pressure Oil Gauge w/ 3 Hole Mount
28697-D Oil Filter
31041-DB Low Pressure Oil Gauge (w/IHC Logo)

Cooling System
10385-D Fan Shaft
10387-D Fan Felt Washer
10388-D Fan Retainer Washer
10392-D Fan Shaft Bearing & Outer Race
10423-D Fan Blade
10429-D Water Tank Cover Gasket
10629-D Radiator Strip (Front)
10630-D Radiator Strip (Rear)
10631-D Radiator Hose 2-1/2 x 5-1/2
10632-D Radiator Overflow Tube (Lower)
10646-DA Radiator Core Gasket (2 Req'd)
10647-D-NEW Fan Shroud - New
10690-D Radiator Outlet Gasket
10832-D Radiator Overflow Clip
11585-D Fan Adjuster Spring
12235-D Radiator Inlet Gasket
13047-D Radiator Drain Cap - Winged
14017-D Radiator Hose 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 (2 req'd)
14018-D Radiator Overflow Tube Upper (30662-D)
14034-KIT Regular, F-20, & 10-20 Complete Radiator Bolt Kit
14040-DB Fan Belt, Flat (Regular)
15355-D Radiator Dust Shield
18764-D Fan Belt (T-20 ONLY)
20270-D Fan belt, Flat (F-20)
20399-D Radiator Core - New (F-20 & Regular)
30662-D Radiator Overflow Tube (Upper)
33041-DX Radiator Overflow Tube (Copper)
36701-D Temp Gauge w/IH Logo 4' Lead View Details
37638-D Fan Belt 'V'
4080-D Water Tank Cover
4112-D Radiator & Hand Hole Bolt Gasket
G-3277 Radiator Drain Pipe

Fuel System
10749-DAX Webbing Kit View Details
11159-D Starting Tank (Exchange Only)
11159-KIT Starting Tank Rebuild Kit (Includes tank cap)
11337-D Reg Carburetor Connection Hose
11446-D Fuel Tank Cap, Threaded
12757-D Carburetor Gasket (3 Bolt - Regular)
13106-D Primer Cup
13194-D Sediment Bulb Screen
14028-D Carburetor Gasket (2 Bolt - Regular)
14082-D Carburetor Float (Regular - Brass Float)
14110-D Needle & Seat - Regular
14526-D Idling Adjuster Spring
14562-D Idling Adjuster Screw
14569-D Float Lever (No Float)
14960-DX Throttle Shaft (Regular)
15295-DL Carburetor Connection to Air Cleaner
15314-D Regular & F-20 Choke Rod
15358-D Carburetor drip Plate
15367-D Suction Stem Nut (Regular)
15435-D Reg Carburetor Connection Hose
16718-D Fuel Pipe Coupling Nut
16719-D Fuel Pipe Coupling Nipple
17237-DA Sediment Bowl Ass'y New Reproduction Dual Fuel View Details
17564-D Fuel Strainer Bail
20044-D Fuel Inlet Screen Zenith K-5 Carburetor
20058-DAX Needle & Seat Zenith K-5 Carburetor.
20590-DAX Carburetor Repair Kit Zenith K-5 View Details
20733-D Fuel Tank Strap
20735-D Choke Rod
20736-D Carburetor to Air Cleaner Pipe
21170-D F-20 Carburetor Float ( Zenith K-5)
21206-D Carburetor Body Gasket (F-20)
21214-D Idle Jet (K-5 Zenith)
21224-D Throttle Economizer Cap
21228-D Carburetor Intake Gasket (F-20)
21632-D Carburetor Gasket
23977-DA Fuel Tank/Starting Tank Gasket
23995-D Fuel Tank/Starting Tank Cap (New Style)
29899-D Fuel Line Nut
29910-DX Shut-Off Needle Valve - Late
36592-D Fuel Strainer -Late
49947-D Sediment Bowl Bail
50061-D Fuel Strainer Bail Nut
51344-V Glass Fuel Bowl
51346-V Fuel Strainer Gasket
7198-TA Carb to Manifold Gasket
8769-TC Fuel Strainer Gasoline-Special (Early, Reg)
G-KIT Zenith K-5 Gasket Kit
M-9000 Fuel Tank Sealer (qt)

10435-DB Spark Plug Cable Set (Regular)
10862-D Spark Control Hand Lever Spring
12740-D Magneto Coupling F-4
12741-D F-4 Magneto Coupling Block
13173-D Spark Plug Set
15153/78-D Regular/F-20 Throttle & Spark Control Rod
15153-D F-20 Throttle Control Rod-Early
15153-DC F-20 (Late) Spark Control Rod
15308-D Spark & Throttle Bearing Front
15309-D Spark & Throttle Bearing Center
15354-D Throttle Rod Connection
15540-D Spark Control Rod for F-20
17464-D Spark Plug Cable Set (F-20)
20930-D F-20 Throttle Rod Spring-New
21319-D F-4 Top Cover Gasket
21344-DAY Distributor Cap F-4
21364-D Lead Out Tower F-4 Magneto
21373-DBY F-4 Magneto Points/Contacts
21401-DAX Coil Assembly
21409-DB F-4 Magneto Condenser
26335-D F-4 Magneto (Exchange)
26335-D F-4 Magneto (No Exchange)
28388-D Magneto Drive Cover
32032-DX Distributor Brush
431-EB Spark Rod Tube Lever
7882-T Magneto Coupling E-4A

Front & Rear Wheel Assemblies
10828-D Front Wheel Cap Gasket
12300-D Front Wheel Felt Seal F-20
12301-D Front Wheel Felt Washer Retainer Inner
12302-D Front Wheel Felt Washer Retainer Outer
12312-D Front Wheel Hubcap
13201-D Front Wheel Bearing Race (Inner)
13205-D Front Wheel Bearing (Inner)
13207-D Front Wheel Bearing Race (Outer)
13211-D Front Wheel Bearing (Outer)
15026-D Rear Wheel Bearing Outer Rrace
15055-D Front Axel Shaft Felt Washer
15059-D Rear Axel Hub Gasket
15139-D Front Axle Shaft Support Bushing
15142-D Rear Wheel Felt Washer
15321-D Rear Wheel Bearing Outer Roller
15365-DAX Rear Wheel Hub Bolt
22888-DA Front Wheel Felt F-20 Wide Front & Cane
6840-D Front Wheel Rim Clamp

Clutch Parts
10701-D Clutch Shaft Pilot Bearing
11537-D Clutch Pedal Return Spring
14005-DA Clutch Shaft Ball Bearing
14011-D Clutch Housing Felt Washer
14733-DAX Clutch Facing w/Rivets
15156-D Clutch Shifter Rod
15157-DA Clutch Pedal Shaft
15393-DX Universal/Clutch Joint Spacer Screw w/Nut & Lock Washer
15570-D Clutch Joint Shield
16884-D Clutch Release Lever Spring
39820-D Clutch Bearing Grease Tube
6160-H Universal/Clutch Joint Ring
6161-H Universal/Clutch Joint Spacer Rubber Washer
7579-T Universal/Clutch Joint Rubber Washer Retainer
ST-208 Clutch Shaft Ball Bearing

Brake Parts
15017-D Countershaft Ball Bearing Felt Washer
15049-DB Brake Shoe Wearing Plate
15062-D Countershaft Housing Felt
15101/2-D Brake Lining w/ Rivets
15200-D Steering & Brake Cable Spring
15206-D Steering & Brake Cable
1534-DB Brake Shoe Inner (used)
1535-DB Brake Shoe Outer (used)
15416-D Hand Brake Ratchet Spring
15426-D Brake Lever Spring Left
15427-D Brake Lever Spring Right
17682-D Steering & Brake Clevis
23256-D Brake Shoe Spring
23426-DY Brake Drum
39059-D Brake Pedal Return Spring
39362-D Steering & Brake Cable Adjusting Nut

Governor Parts
12241-D Governor & Magneto Shaft Bushing
12716-DX Governor Ball w/ Pin
12726-D Governor Connecting Housing Felt Washer
12755-D Governor Spring
1401-DDX Governor Sleeve Complete
14136-D Governor Throttle Spring
1451-D Governor Throttle Lever
1452-D Governor Rod Support Cover
18907-D Governor Throttle Shaft
20930-D Governor Control Hand Lever Spring
2382-D Governor Rod Support Cover
2383-D Speed Change Lever
26146-D Governor Boot
37379-D Governor spring above F91824
37379-D Governor Spring Above F91824
409-D Governor Gear

Steering Parts
15200-D Steering & Brake Cable Spring
15206-D Steering & Brake Cable
1526-D F-20 Steering Wheel, Iron
17682-D Steering & Brake Clevis
36936-DB Replacement 3 Spoke Steering Wheel
39362-D Steering & Brake Cable Adjusting Nut

Other Parts
10214-D Seat Support Spring (coil)
14038-DA Choke Rod Clip
M22967 Seat-Late (New Reproduction)
MB488-B Seat-Early (Used)
SNP-100 Blank Serial Number Plate 4 Hole Mounting

SNP-100-F-20 Serial Number Plate(F-20)

Miscellaneous Gaskets, Felts & Seals
15220-DB Power Take Off Shaft Packing 8''
15221-D Belt Pulley Packing 18''