Alderson Tractor

Farmall F12-14 Parts

Engine Gaskets, Felts & Seals
12734-D Rear Crankshaft Felt
24421-D Front Crankcase Felt
24422-D Front Cover Gasket
24424-D Crankcase Plate Gasket
24425-D Crankcase Rear Oil Seal
24426-D Rear Retainer Cover Lower Gasket
24427-D Rear Retainer Cover Upper Gasket
24438-D Governor Cover Gasket
24439-D Governor to Block Gasket
24475-D Oil Pump Flange Gasket
24497-D Oil Pan Gasket L.H.
24498-D Oil Pan Gasket R.H.
24499-D Oil Pan Gasket Front
24500-D Oil Pan Gasket Rear
24519-D Manifold Gasket
24524-D Fuel Pump Mounting Gasket
24530-D Fan Bracket & Water Outlet Gasket
24542-DB Head Gasket
24548-D Valve Cover Oil Pad
24552-D Valve Cover Gasket
25888-D Magneto Bracket Gasket
25890-D Exhaust to Intake Manifold Gasket
30932-D Front Crankshaft Oil Seal
Gasket Sets
24496-DAX F-12 & F-14 Oil Pan Set
7364-DAX Engine Gasket Set
F-12 VGS F-12 & F-14 Valve Grind Set
F-12/14 LES F-12 & F-14 Lower Engine Set
Engine Parts
15204-D Starting Crank Pin
19962-D Exhaust Manifold Nut
1998-TA Oil Level Indicator - Petcock
20930-D Throttle or Heat Control Rod Spring
2286-D Heat Control Lever Bracket (Kerosene)
2317-D Manifold Heat Control Hand Lever (Kerosene)
23828-D Exhaust Pipe
23828-DF Exhaust Pipe Flange, 2-Bolt (Gas)
24401-D F-12 Crankshaft Pinion
24405-D Starting Crank Pin
24415-D Piston Pin Bushings
24416-DAX Cylinder Rings (Standard)
24433-D Cylinder Head Stud F-12/14
24434-D Cylinder Sleeve O Ring
24531-D Valves
24534-D Rocker Arm
24535-D Valve Rocker Arm Shaft
24541-D Valve Rocker Arm Shaft Spring
24544-DA Valve Spring
24548-D Valve Cover Oil Pad
24564-D Rocker Arm Bushing
26677-D2F Exhaust Pipe Flange, 3-Bolt (Kerosene)
3116-D Valve Guide
35578-DAX-002 Connecting Rod Bearing Set of 4 (.002 Over)
35578-DAX-010 Connecting Rod Bearing Set of 4 (.010 Over)
35578-DAX-020 Connecting Rod Bearing Set of 4 (.020 Over)
35578-DAX-030 Connecting Rod Bearing Set of 4 (.030 Over
35578-DAX-040 Connecting Rod Bearing Set of 4 (.040 Over)
35578-DAX-STD Connecting Rod Bearing Set of 4 (STD)
35579-DA-002 Crankshaft Bearings Set (.002 Over)
35579-DA-010 Crankshaft Bearings Set (.010 Over)
35579-DA-020 Crankshaft Bearings Set (.020 Over)
35579-DA-030 Crankshaft Bearings Set (.030 Over)
35579-DA-STD Crankshaft Bearings Set (Standard)
41486-D Exhaust Pipe (F-14 Kerosene w/o Flange)
F-12/14-CBS Cam bearing set
R0496 Manifold
R2397 Pistons & Sleeves
Oil Filter Assembly
13727-D Oil Filter Retaining Nut Gasket
13728-D Oil Filter Cover Gasket
26764-D Oil Filter Base Gasket
28697-D Oil Filter
31041-DB Low Pressure Oil Gauge (w/IHC Logo)
Air Cleaner Assembly
23646-D Air Intake F-12 w/ Screen & Dome
23651-D Air Filter Gasket
23718-D Air Intake Pipe
23986-D Air Cleaner Eyebolt
28652-D Air Pipe w/ Flange
28784-D Air Pipe Flange Gasket
Cooling System
10429-D Water Tank Cover Gasket
10629-D Front F-12 Radiator Strip
10630-D Rear F-12 Radiator Strip
11154-V Fan Hub Gasket (Cork)
11155-V Cork Washer
21771-V Fan Belt
23799-KIT Complete Radiator Bolt Kit
23801-D Radiator Core (New)
23802-D Radiator Core Gasket
23804-D Lower Radiator Hose (2x4)
23805-D Upper Radiator Hose (2x4)
23806-D Lower Overflow Tube
2915-D Radiator Drain Plug & Adaptor Assembly
32234-D Radiator Overflow Pipe
32984-D Replacement Fan Assembly
37071-D Temp Gauge w/IH Logo 2' Lead
4080-D Water Tank Cover
4112-D Radiator & Hand Hole Bolt Gasket
4665-D Water Tank Inlet Elbow Gasket
Fuel System
13194-D Sediment Bulb Screen
20930-D Throttle Rod Spring - New
21258-DAX Fuel Tank Webbing Kit
23797-D Choke Rod
23977-D Gas Cap Gasket
23995-D Fuel Cap-Original Style
24526-D Fuel Pump Push Rod
24527-D Rebuilt Fuel Pump - No Exchange
24527-D Rebuilt Fuel Pump- Exchange Only
24527-DAX Basic Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit
24527-DAX-C Deluxe Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit
24527-DAX-C2 Deluxe Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit
24707-DA Carburetor Repair Kit
25459-D Carburetor Bowl Gasket
25945-DA Carburetor Float
25955-DA Carburetor to Manifold Gasket, Thin
25955-DB Carburetor to Manifold Gasket, Thick (3)
27556-D Small Gas Tank Cap for F-14
29905-DX Fuel Tank Reflow Tee
49947-D Sediment bowl bail
51344-V Fuel Pump Glass Bowl
51345-V Fuel Pump Bowl Screen
51346-V Fuel Strainer Gasket
M-9000 Fuel Tank Sealer
12740-D Magneto Coupling F-4
12741-D F-4 Magneto Coupling Block
13173-D Spark Plug Set
18456-D Spark Plug Wire Set
21319-D F-4 Top Cover Gasket
21344-DAY Distributor Cap F-4 Magneto
21364-D Lead Out Tower F-4 Magneto
21373-DBY F-4 Magneto Points/Contacts
21401-DAX F-4 Coil Assembly
21409-DB F-4 Magneto Condenser
23815-D Spark Control Rod
26335-D F-4 Magneto (Exchange)
26335-D F-4 Magneto (No Exchange)
28388-D Magneto Coupling Cover
32032-DX Distributor Brush
7882-T Magneto Coupling E-4A
Governor Parts
20930-D Governor Control Ratchet Spring
23232-D Governor Thrust Bearing
23968-D Governor Control Spring
24450-D Governor Rockshaft Lever Felt - Small
24456-DA Governor Spring F-12
24568-D Governor Felt Washer
26146-D F-12/14 Governor Boot
27863-D Governor Spring F-14
35420-D Governor Rockshaft Bearing
ST-208-B Governor Shaft Ball Bearing
Front & Rear Wheel Assembly
23760-D Front Wheel Felt Washer (Single Front)
23821-D Rear Axle Felt
25871-D Front Wheel Felt & Seal Retainer
25872-D Front Wheel Dust Seal
25874-D Front Wheel Hubcap Gasket
2781-F Rear Axel Oil Seal
2970-DX Front Wheel Bearings (1 wheel)
6840-D Front Wheel Rim Clamp
Clutch Parts
10701-D Clutch Shaft Pilot Bearing
15393-DX Universal/Clutch Joint Spacer Screw w/Nut & Lock Washer
18567-D F-12/14 Clutch Release Bearing
21969-D Clutch Shaft Oil Seal
23681-D Clutch Shaft Ball Bearing
23695-D Clutch Pedal Pivot
23726-D Clutch Universal Joint Shield
29113-D 8" Clutch Facing w/ Rivets
30718-D 9" Clutch Facing w/ Rivets
6160-H Clutch Joint Ring
6161-H Universal/Clutch Joint Spacer Rubber Washer
7579-T Universal/Clutch Joint Rubber Washer Retainer
Brake Parts
1534-DB Brake Shoe Relined
1535-DB Brake Shoe Relined
23256-D Brake Shoe Spring
23664-D Brake Cover w/lugs
23676-D Brake Countershaft Lever Oil Seal
23702-D Brake Seal (Keeps oil off of drum)
Steering Parts
23858-D Steering Post Bushing
23863-D Steering Gear Housing Gasket
31436-D Front Bolster Felt
36936-DB Replacement 3 Spoke Steering Wheel
41281-D F-14 Steering Coupling Disc
MA22440 Steering Worm Oil Seal